• Ep 22 : Were Leaving Deuces
     Synopsis - Dom and Neshia are headed to Los Angeles for a week, that would ened up lasting half a season. Dom is leaving to audition for The US version of The X Factor. They don't leave without making a crazy video.

Notes : Michael Taitano, Mathew Taitano, and Rose Barajos are credited as main cast but only make an apperance in Season finale.

         Dom Did Not Make The X Factor
  • Ep 23 : 1 Stop Ingram Creek and Iron Skillet
      Synopsis - Dom and Neshia hit the road only to stop at some famous diners.
  • Ep 24 : A Quick Hello From Burbank
     Synopsis - Dom and Neshia stop by in Burbank California

Notes : The duo start the Los Angeles Adventures in this EP

  • Ep 25 : Baldwin Hills aka Beelard Hills
     Synopsis - Dom and Neshia Visit a local Wal - Mart in Baldwin Hills

Notes : Beelard Hills refers to the park the "Time Is Sick" Cast visted in 2010.

  • Ep 26 : The Last Time I Will Ever Stay Here
     Synopsis - Dom and Neshia Arrive at their hotel, the hotel they will NEVER stay again.
  • Ep 27 : I Can't Bring It In
     Synopsis - Dom Leaves for the X Factor and the Cameras have to go off.
  • Ep 28 : The Hard Rock Is Hard Core Part 1
     Synopsis - Dom and Neshia Go Holloywood and the first stop is The Hard Rock Cafe.
  • Ep 29 : The Hard Rock Is Hard Core Part 2
     Synopsis - Dom and Neshia Continue their adventure at the Hard Rock Cafe.
  • Ep 30 : Kodak Moments Part 1
     Synopsis - Dom and Neshia Visit the Kodak.
  • Ep 31 : Kodak Moments Part 2
     Synopsis - Dom and Neshia Cont ther Kodak Adventure.
  • Ep 32 : Somewhere In Hollywood
     Synopsis - Dom and Neshia Explore Hollywood
  • Ep 33 : Home Away From Home
     Synopsis - Dom and Neshia Find A New Place To Stay
  • Ep 34 All Over This Town Latley
     Synopsis - Dom And Neshia Head to more places in Los Angeles
  • Ep 35 : LA Reflection
     Synopsis - Dom and Neshia Reflect on their Los Angeles Adventure.
  • Ep 36 : Goodbye LA ... For Now [Mid Season Finale]
     Synopsis - Dom and Neshia Leave Los Angles, but Dom does not want to leave.

Notes : This will not be the last Los Angeles EP, Dom will return.

        This is The last Los Angeles EP of the season
        This is the 2nd mid season Finale.
  • Ep 37 : Reunited and It Feels So Good
     Synopsis - Dom returns to Fairfield and Courtney Returns from Montana for a special visit.

Absent : Neshia Taitano

Notes : Courtney Johnson Joins The Main Cast in This EP

  • Ep 38 : Reduce Reuse Recycle
     Synopsis - Dom and Courtney Learn How to Go Green

Absent : Neshia Taitano

  • Ep 39 : How To Build A Bear.
     Synopsis - Dom and Courtney Visit Build A Bear

Absent : Neshia Taitano

  • Ep 40 : The Big Sears Adventure
     Synopsis - Dom and Courtney Have an Adventure in Sears.

Absent : Neshia Taitano

  • Ep 41 : Dom The Snow Man
     Synopsis - It's the first time it is snowing in Fairfield, and Dom had to get footage.

Absent : Courtney Johnson, Neshia Taitano

Notes : First Non Speaking EP

        First Solo Dom Baza EP
  • Ep 42 : Our Time Was Sick
     Synopsis - We Go A Year Back in Time  and re vist "Time Is Sick" with some of it's most special memories.

Special Apperance By - Andrea Hallahan, Nellie Mesa, Alexandrea Pena, Lauren Ely, Chris Payumo, Joanna "Joey" Wheeler (Time Is Sick Cast Memebers)

Special Guest Stars - John Mason, Debbie Mason, Pat Mercado, Justin Bermudes, Bryan Ngo, Zach Camacho, Braden Harris, Jenell Mesa, Nick Mesa

Notes : Last EP for Neshia , Michael, And Mathew Taitano in The "Home Movies" Series,

They have left the show, but have the option to return in further seasons.

        Rose Barajos Last Ep as Main Cast Memeber.

This Epsiode takes over the course of a year.

This is the Longest EP of the 1st and 2nd Season being a half hour

Trivia : The New Revamped Season 3 and beyond will be in a 7-30 min format show.

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