• Ep 43 : The Holiday Special
     Synopsis - This Epsiode starts 7 months after EP 41 and 2 years after the season 2 Finale. We Meet Mel Pence a new cast memeber, and get to experince a new format of the Movies Series. The theme of the Ep is Christmas and New Years.

Aired : 12-28-11

Absent : Dashia Robinson

Guest Starring : Dru Lovett, Rose Barajas, Marisa Este, Bri Herrera, Chole

  • Ep 44 : What's New
     Synopsis - Dom and the gang ring in the New Year and plan the rest of the year. That leads Dom to hire best friend Dashia Robinson as his stylist. Dom is planning his music video shoot to his first single September, and plans photoshoot for Next single "Buy My Love"

Aired : 1-15-12

  • Ep 45 : The Valentines Special
     Synopsis - In The 2nd special of the season, Dom and the gang celebrate Valentines Day. Courtney is in the Bahammas Partying leaving Dom to have a hiuge jam out session. Go behind the scens with Dom as he records the 2nd single "Buy My Love" off his debut album.

Aired : 2-3-12

Guest Starring : Joanna "Joey" Wheeler, Doug Chancellor

Notes : This is the first EP Joanna Joey Wheeler joins the cast on a mulitple arc guest role, since season 1 main role, and making a brief apperance in Season 2.

  • Ep 46 : Eating Gras. The First Time. Unexpected
     Synopsis - Dom Celebrates Mardi gras for the first time. He takes Dashia to her first hob interview, finding out she doesn't get the job, they go home and have  a movie party. Only to find out the untimely death of Whitney Houston, both being saddend by the death they dance to "I Wanna Dance With Somebody" and have a song jam out session. This Ep picks up right after the events in Ep 44. It is unclear where Courtney Johnson and Mel Pence was in this EP.

Aired : 2-13-12

Abesent : Courtney Johnson, Mel Pence

Guest Starring : Joanna "Joey" Wheeler

  • Ep 47/ EP 48 : Location (TTYLXOX) 2 Part Episode
          Synopsis - Dom, Dashia, Mel, and Joey catch a flight to San Fransico to look for the location of Dom's upcoming photoshoot for his album cover. Upon arrving Dom goes crazy in the hotel they are staying out, shortly after 
Dashia arrvies Mel becomes sick and has to take care of Mel and stay at the 
hotel, while Dom and Joey find the location of the photoshoot.

Aired : 3-4-12 Absent : Dashia Robinson, Mel Pence

Guest Starring : Joanna "Joey" Wheeler, Adrian Causor

Notes : This EP Marks the Final Season 3 Apperance of Mel Pence, making her the fastest Main Cast Memeber to leave the show , after only being in 4 Epsiodes.

Mel Pence did not make a physical apperance in the epsiode because she left the cast during filming of this Epsiode to work on several side projects. She may not return until Season 4.

Dashia Robinson did not make a physical apperance in epsiode because of schedule problems she will return in EP 50

Adrian Causor's first appercance in Season 3 was his last appercance in Season 1 (Via Old Footage)

This Is The Start Of Adrian Causor's 3 EP Season 3 Reccurring Role

Scenes were shot in Sacramento and San Fransico California

  • Ep 48 : Present Meets Past
                 Dom works on new tracks for his Debut album "Time Is All I 
Have" , Joey and Dom think about past encounters.Dom and Dashia have an 
important talk, that could change "Home Movies" in the future.  Adrian Causor,Neshia,Michael, & Mathew Taitano, along With Nellie and Nicholas Mesa, 
Alejandro Ceja Pena & More Guest Star in this Epsiode.

Aired : 3-17-12

Guest Starring : Mel Pence, Dru Lovett, Adrian Causor, Rose Barajos,Marisa Este, Neshia Taitano, Michael Taitano, Mathew Taitano, Alejandro Ceja Pena, Andrea Hallahan, John Mason, Nellie Mesa , Nicholas Mesa

Notes : This EP marks the first time all Previous cast members from "Home Movies" or "Time Is Sick", reccuring cast, and Main Cast are present in one EP.

This EP is Mel Pence's first physical apperance as a guest star.

This is the 2nd EP Adrian Causor makes an apperance in 3 EP Reccurring Role for Season 3

  • Ep 50 : May The Odds Be Ever In Dashia's Favor
     Dom Preps for his Album Photoshoot and the wrap of his debut album. Dom and Joey prepare to watch the Hunger Games, and a life changing event happens to Dashia.

Aired 3-30-12

Absent : Courtney Johnson, Dashia Robinson

Guest Starring : Angie Baza A, Doug Chancellor

Notes : This EP is named after "The Hunger Games Quote"

This EP has footage from Dom's Album Photoshoot

This EP does not have a "Welcome To Home Movies" intro, or a closing intro

This EP is booke ended.

  • Ep 51 : The Return Of Many (Season 3 Finale)
     Dom and Joey Work things out after the After math of Dashia's illness. Dom and Joey visit their Aunt, Esther Mesa's cross on the 5 year anniversary of her death. Adrian Causor meets Dom and Joey to also pay his respect. Dom and Joey deal with a loss of another family member and honoring that family member in the best way possible, Living Life. Familiar Faces return, Courtney Shares the big news that everyone is waiting for, and the fate of Dashia's health is revealed, as Dom moves on to the next pages of his life.

Aired : 4-8-12

Guest Starring  : Adrian Causor, Nick Mesa, "Mama" Nell Mesa

Notes : This EP is the 3rd season Finale

This EP features a preview of Dom's New Single "We Are Here Right Now"

This EP is the last EP to air, Home Movies is going on a 9 week haitus

This EP marks the return of "Mama" Nell Mesa, she was last seen in Season 1

This EP marks the last EP in Adrian Causor's recurring role in Season 3

This EP sets up the plot for Season 4

All Main Cast Members Will Return For Season 4

Dashia Robinson WILL return as a main cast member in Season 4

Season 4 will begin June 6, 2012

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